What is Uplabs?

Uplabs is a place for designers and developers to find, share and buy inspiration and resources to build apps and sites.

on Up, every designer and developer can:
1. Browse and find inspiration on our daily showcases for Material Design (Android), iOS & macOS, and Site.
2. Search for specific UI elements and solutions;
3. Share her/his work (design, library, snippet, app, site) as inspiration or as a freebie;
4. Sell her/his work (themes, templates, icons, etc).

Make a submission

  • Who can make submissions?

    Everyone! Go for it, submit one now.

  • How can I submit my work?

    Click on the submit (+) button from the homepage (top right corner). You will need:
    1. A URL that links to the content (site, store app, portfolio page, code snippet, etc.).
    2. A preview image (800 x 600 pixels). One will automatically be uploaded, but if you want to change it click on the image to upload a new one.

    Other than that simply follow the instructions to fill in the form. Before completing your submission, we ask you to provide the maker's twitter username name. This is optional but highly recommended as we aim to give recognition to all makers.

    Your submission will then be reviewed by the Uplabs team. If approved, it will then get in a queue to be showcased.

  • What kind of content can I submit?

    Basically any kind, but preferably from these websites:

  • Can I submit someone else’s creation?

    Absolutely you can, as long as you don’t put yourself as the creator but only as the submitter. If you do, we will have no choice but delete your account.

  • How long does it take for something to be showcased?

    We get tens of submissions every day (thank you!), so it varies. But it usually takes between 2 and 12 days from the moment you make a submission and it being showcased on the site (if approved).

  • I made a submission but I don't see it showcased.

    If that was 2 minutes ago, that's because it's currently under review! In fact, the review process can take up to 12 days, so bear with us until make a decision. In the meantime, make another submission! Please don't submit the same post multiple times, unless it has significantly evolved. However, you also have to know that our curation team can unshowcase or remove any post that includes but not limited to the following promotional contents:
     • Inviting or asking the community to join an event without our consent
     • Promoting a group, competitor's activities, etc.
     • Selling product with a link to another marketplace
     • Recruiting or hiring posts

  • What do you showcase? What is the best way to be featured?

    Our aim is to provide a daily gallery of inspiration for all.

    We showcase a work that is based on the Material Design guidelines that will inspire other designers in their work. It is important that it's beautiful, polished, and inspired by Material Design.

    For example, we would showcase a clever Material Design transition that delights users even if the colours aren’t 100% Material Design; however we would not approve an icon design that is 100% Material Design but doesn’t have an artistic input to it.

    So submit a work that used the material design guidelines (fully or partially) that shows artistic skills to inspire your peers, and it should be all good! You can submit designs, tutorials, resources or articles.

    Here are some great examples:
    - Slack Icon
    - Navigation at the bottom
    - Accept/Cancel Concept Tutorial After Effects
    Uplabs isn't the place for other trends, unfinished creations or to showcase an entire portfolio at once.

  • How will I know if my submission was showcased?

    Your work will be showcased if it meets the standards of our curation team based on the material design guideline; otherwise, the post will remain visible only on your profile.

    You can check the status of your submission by checking it from your profile. Simply open the design you submitted and look to the right side of the preview page just above the comments section. If it’s showcased, it will indicate “Showcased on [Category e.g. Material Design, iOS, Web or 3D]”; otherwise, it will only show “Posted on [Category e.g. Material Design, iOS, Web or 3D]”.

    Bear in mind that our review process can take up to 12 days, so it doesn’t always mean that “Posted” means your design didn’t make it. If you’ve just submitted your work a few minutes ago, then it may have not gone through the review process just yet. Don’t worry, though, there’s no limit on the number of submissions you can make on Up. So don’t hesitate to submit another one.

  • Why didn’t you showcase my submission?

    There can be many reasons why your submission was not showcased, but here are the three most common ones:

    - It does not follow Material Design guidelines at all. We showcase submission that is not fully Material Design; however, it should have a Material Design feel to it or have one aspect that is Material design, for example, a colour palette or transition.
    - It is not finished, or “polished”. We like to showcase a beautiful work that will inspire other creators.
    - The preview was not the right size (800 x 600).

    If you're the creator, we encourage you to work on it again, polish it, and re-submit it. If it's inspiring for others, it will likely be showcased

  • Can I submit a paid item from a Marketplace?

    You can submit a paid item as inspiration, as long as it doesn’t link directly to a Marketplace (to a separate demo link is fine).

  • How can I report someone as not the creator?

    Please contact us as soon as possible at [email protected] and explain why the person is a fraud with a link to the post.

Profile & Verified members

  • What is a verified user?

    A verified user is a user of the Uplabs community who has been given special access. When s/he makes a submission to Uplabs, it will be showcased instantly.

  • I’m a verified member, why was my submission deleted?

    In some rare cases, we may delete a submission by verified members if it does not align with the Uplabs vision of showcasing work that is beautiful and polished.

  • How do I become a verified user?

    Verified users are selected one by one by the Uplabs team based on the quality of their past submissions. So the best way is for you to become one is by submitting quality work and get a lot of love from the community!

  • How can I create my profile?

    Profiles are automatically created for each maker who had a piece of their work showcased.


  • Why was my comment deleted?

    The Uplabs team monitor. We are pretty open and aim for people to discuss each other’s work; however we will delete comments if you cross the line on a couple points:

    – Be respectful of other people’s work, don’t insult people. Instead, provide constructive feedback that will be helpful to the maker and others reading your comment.
    – Don’t put a link to another marketplace. If you wish to sell a product, please make a submission to the UpLabs Store
    – No spammy or any comments fishing for upvotes are allowed. The access to write or read comments on any post will be disabled for anyone who gets caught. Examples of spammy or fishing comments:

    • “I love your work, check my profile and upvote any post you find interesting!”
    • “Awesome design! How did you do it? Check my profile too!”
    • “Upvote my posts and I’ll do the same to yours.”
    • “Brilliant work! How about a follow back?”

  • I’d like to delete a post, how can I do that?

    We don't encourage you deleting posts because the purpose of Uplabs is not to build a portfolio, but rather to inspire, learn and see each other's progress. In fact, anyone is welcome to submit design or code updates (significant ones), without deleting previous versions. Besides, if your work was originally approved is because it was good! However we understand that there may be situations where you need to have a post deleted (fraud, copyright, etc.). If you need or want to delete a post, please contact us at [email protected]. Make sure to provide an explanation and links to the post you’re referring to.


  • My company is hiring, can I advertise on Up?

    You can advertise in our weekly newsletter and reach over 250K product designers, developers and product managers. Submit your ad here.


  • Do you have a mobile app?

    Not yet! But the site is responsive so feel free to visit it from your mobile!

Leaderboard Medals & Weekly Creator Ranking

  • 🥇 Creator Leaderboard:

    Creator Medals can be earned from the daily showcase. The #1 or the most upvoted post in Material, iOS, Web Design and 3D gets a Gold medal, and #2 and #3 will get Silver and Bronze respectively. This means there will be 12 creator medals awarded daily.

  • 🥈 Challenger Leaderboard:

    Challenger Medals can be earned from the Uplabs challenges. The most upvoted post will get the Gold medal, Silver for second, and Bronze for the third.

  • 🥉 Contributor Leaderboard:

    Contributor Medals can be earned by users who showcased a work that was created by someone else, which means he/she is not the original creator of the post. Gold medal is given to the most upvoted post, silver for the second, and bronze for the third.

  • How often are the medals being awarded?

    The medals are being awarded to the well-deserving users daily. So make sure you’ve submitted your best work today!

  • How does the weekly Creator ranking work?

    The weekly Creator ranking list is generated every Monday at 12:00 AM PST and points are accumulated from the number of upvotes the creatives received from the community on the work they showcased that week. So make sure that you hit that “U” button on your keyboard to upvote any post that you find inspirational!

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